City of Trogir

City of Trogir

Trogir is one of the best-preserved Romanesque cities in this part of Europe. Settled just 27 kilometers north-west from Adriatic’s biggest city of Split, Trogir is often called the museum city due to its historic and cultural importance. It has been UNESCO protected since 1997 as World Heritage.

The town was founded in the 3rd century before Christ by Greeks. There were later Roman, Venetian, and even French conquerors who intended to take control of it. And the result is a rich history of Trogir, the town between the mainland coast and the island of Ciovo. The history has helped the town to be one of the most interesting tourist spots in Croatia. St. Lawrence Cathedral, fortress Kamerlengo from 14th century, fortress St.Mark from 15th century, the medieval palace of Cipiko family, but also a number of other Romanesque-renaissance buildings make Trogir unforgettable. That’s the reason why thousands and thousands of fans of culture gather to Trogir.
The members of the world’s jet-set often visit it, too because they simply want to visit such an exclusive place.

An international airport nearby Trogir helps the town to develop its tourism and to boost the living standard of some 13,000 inhabitants. Therefore more than half of town’s budget comes from tourism, despite the strong history of ship building industry.

Trogir and the nearby island of Ciovo have been connected with a bridge. That helps tourists to easy access beaches as well as marina at the other side of the channel.y of ship building industry.

The town is also unique to a nearby Pantan lagoon that hosts various bird species which is where our kayaking tour starts.

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