1. What time of year do the tours go?

Ideal months for these tours are May, June, September and October. That is when the tours are organized.

  1. How big does the group have to be to have the tour?

Our minimum for tour is 5 people.

  1. Can I book as an individual?

Yes, you can. Additional payment for single room/individual reservation is 25% of the package price.

When booking as an individual, you will be placed in excisting group – please contact us for departure dates.

  1. Is it possible to have private tours and do they charge more?

Yes, it is possible to have a private tour. The price will depend on the number of people but if the group consists of 5 and more people, there will be no additional cost for a private tour i.e. regular prices per person are applied.

  1. Can children go and how old do they have to be?

Minimum age for a person on the tour should be 16y.

  1. How fit do you have to be to do this kind of trip?

Moderate fitness level is required. A person should be of general good health and able to paddle approx. 20km per day.

  1. Do you have to be experienced in kayaking, and how much to do the tour?

Some kind of experience with paddling is welcome because we use sit in kayaks. Your instructors will give you all neccesary instructions how to use all the equipment while kayaking.

  1. How experienced are the guides and what are they qualifications?

All our guides are experienced instructors with long time kayaking experience in this area. Our guides are reliable, responsible, experienced and committed to enhancing your experience. They are all qualified at Croatian Mountain Rescue Service and Irish Canoe Union (ICU).

  1. Do we tip our guides, and how much do we give them (10% or more)?

Tip is always more than welcome. There is no rule on how big the tip is . It all depends on how happy you were with the tour and the service.

  1. Are we insured on this trip?

Persuant to the Law on Providing services in Tourism, Article 56, paragraph 3, Adventure Dalmatia is responsible to provide insurance for clients.

  1. How and when do we make reservations?

You can request a reservation online or over the phone. Start at our Reservations page and fill in the form. Our staff will reply as soon as possible.

  1. Do you have strong winds in Dalmatia and what kind of winds do we have to be careful about? (Bura N-E, Maestral N-W, Jugo S-I)

Summers in Dalmatia are usually safe to do any kind of activity out on the sea. However, it is good to know what to expect if it starts to be windy. Few winds are very characteristic for Dalmatian area. Bura (N-E) is a cooler wind which can be strong and it comes from the land. Not constant but can make problems while paddling, it does not make big waves. Jugo (S-I) is the opposite of bura, brings warm, humid air and blows from the sea, it can make big waves which can be a problem when you are in a kayak. Maestral (N-W) is a summer wind which blows almost every day in the afternoon hours.

  1. What do we bring with us, what kind of gear, wardrobe, shoes?

For kayaking you should have a hat, sun cream, swimming suit, light long sleeve shirts, sandals, smaller dry bag for personal belongings (wallet, mobile phone, camera…) and bigger waterproof bags.

  1. Are there sandy beaches?

There are no sandy beaches on this trip, and not so many sandy beaches in Dalamatia in general. There are pebble and rocky beaches.

  1. Do we get waterproof bags, life jackets?

Life jackets are obligated and Adventure Dalmatia enables you with them. You should bring your own waterproof bags for your things.

  1. What kind of kayaks do we use?

We use DAG sit in kayaks, Biwok (double kayak) and Miwok (single kayak).

  1. How big is the storage in kayaks?

Miwok has a front chamber with capacity of 82L, and a back one with 183L. Biwok front chamber has 62L and back chamber has 120L capacity.

  1. Do we get double or single kayaks and can we choose?

It is possible to get both.

  1. Where and how often can we charge our mobiles, cameras and can we bring them with us?

After we are done with kayaking for a day you can charge your mobiles and cameras at your accommodation.

  1. Do we get wet while kayaking?

When you paddle your lower body is in kayak and covered with spraydeck (a flexible cover that is fitted to the opening in the top of a kayak to form a waterproof seal around the kayaker’s body). Upper part will be exposed which means that your arms and hands can get wet.

  1. How big do the waves get?

This depends on weather, if the waves are too big, there will be no kayaking until it is safe again. Half meter waves should be fine for paddling.

  1. Do we eat in restaurants or do we bring the food with us on daily bases?

Breakfast and dinner are included in the price of the package. You are also welcome to bring your own food and snacks.

  1. Where and what do we aeat, what kind of food?

Breakfast and dinner are organized on each location we visit in local restaurants and taverns that serve local food.

  1. Do we bring money with us when we go kayaking?

Yes, you ahould have some money with you for small expences in case we make breaks while paddling.

  1. Do we tip the waiters in restaurants and how much do we give them (10% or more)?

Tip is always more than welcome. There is no rule on how big the tip should be. It depends on how happy were you with the service.

  1. How many stops do we make during paddling?

Number of stops depends on the group. Stops are great for swimming and rest keeping in mind daily schedule.

  1. Are there restrooms during paddling?

Rest rooms are usually not available during the tour because we most often visit remoted bays. These facilities are available in inhabitated places.

  1. How strong is the sun, do we get sunburned?

Air temperatures can be high so sunscreen, hat, light long sleeve and plenty of water are a must on these tours.

  1. How do we take our personal belongings (big bags) from one place to another, how do you support the tour?

All surplus of things that you don’t need will be left in our storage. We will transport it to your accommodation during the tour.

  1. Are our personal things safe to leave in your storage, is it locked or is there anybody with our things all the time?

Your personal belongings are safe to stay in the storage, there is always somebody during the day, and in the evening we lock it.

  1. What level of quallity is our accomodation during oversleeps?

Simple accommodation – rooms with toilets.

  1. Do we stay in hotels or private accomodation?

You stay in private accommodation.

  1. What if somebody can´t do kayaking every day, how does she or he get from starting place to finish?

Maximum costs for a day transfer from one point to another is 20,00€.