Red & Blue Lake

Red & Blue Lake

Blue and Red Lakes are recognized as a top tourist attraction of the Imotski region in the south of Croatia, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lakes are also called “pearls of nature”. Blue Lake almost borders the town of Imotski, while Red Lake is only a kilometer away.
Blue Lake is named after the color of the water in it. At the same time, the name of Red Lake comes from the red stones that surround it.

Blue Lake is very attractive during periods of extreme drought. When the lake dries up, local people form two teams that play football at the bottom. The match always attracts many journalists and the pictures end up in the media around the world.

Both lakes are a natural phenomenon, and Red Lake is impossible to access due to the high rocky slopes around it.

The Adriatic Sea is relatively close to Imotski, however, many children from the area have been taught to swim in the Blue Lake to the pride of the locals.

During the period of heavy rain, the water level in Blue Lake is about 90 meters, and the record water lever exceeded 140 meters.

Both Blue and Red Lakes have been associated in the past with mysterious stories spreading among local citizens. Experts generally agree that the lakes were formed as caves over groundwater were destroyed.

A visit to the Blue and Red Lakes is part of our Canoe safari trip on the Vrljica River

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